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Packages, Queen Sales, Equipment, Honey

2019 Package

Installation (April 13)

Uncorking the Queen Cage (April 17) 

Week 1 Inspection (April 21)

Week 2 Inspection (April 27)

Week 3 Inspection (May 4)

Week 4 Inspection (May 11)

Week 5 Inspection (May 19)

Week 6 Inspection (May 27)

Week 7 Inspection (June 2)

Week 8 Inspection(June 8)

Week 10 Inspection(June 23)

Week 11 Inspection (June 29) Tips for a safe mite check

Week 12 Inspection (July 8)

Honeybound Tips

Week 13 Inspection (July 16)

The Queen Needs Room

Week 14 Inspection(July 24)

Getting Ready For The Flow

Week 15 1/2 Inspection(August 1)

Mite Check and Frame Manipulation

Fall Prep. Late September

Fall Prep 2. Early October

Fall Prep 3. Mid October

Fall Prep 4. Late November/Early December

New Year's OAV

Overwintered Hives

First Spring Inspection (2020)

Second Spring Inspection (2020) No Surprises

Overwintered Hive (Very Weak Hive)

Sometimes you have to split

Varroa EasyCheck Alcohol Wash Mite Checks


A Little Something about Nucs

Using a Nuc to Requeen

Follow up on that Nuc Combine

Combining 2 Nucs for Winter

What to do with that split

Stealing brood from a resource nuc

Another visit to that resource nuc

Requeening with a resource nuc


Jamestown 2020

Glenn and Austin 2019

Glenn and Bernedette 2017

Glenn and Tom 2019

2018 Package (Weekly Inspections from Installation to week 8)

Installation April 2018

Day 3 Uncapping the Queen

Week 1 inspection April 2018

Week 2 Inspection April 2018

Week 3 Inspection April 2018

Week 4 Inspection April 2018

Week 5 Inspection May 2018

Week 6 Inspection May 2018

Week 7 Inspection May 2018

(Alcohol Mite Check)

Week 8 Inspection June 2018

Winter Prep 2018

The Importance of Fall feeding

Winter Prep October 5

Winter Prep October 15

Winter Prep October 23

Winter Prep November 29

Spring Prep (Overwintered Hives) 2019

Time to Start Feeding Liquid

Strong overwintered Saskatraz